The day after: TEDxMaastrichtSalon!

Entering a church like the Sint Lambertus is always impressive. But organising a TEDx event is a totally different experience. I talked to one of the guests and he said: “Churches are built to offer people the stage”. What a great way to describe this. And shockingly accurate for a day like this.

TEDxMaastrichtSalon was all about cities and urban development. We had eight different speakers, all approaching the current situation of cities from a refreshing perspective. Farid Tabarki told about recent trends in urban development, while others like Vincent Taapken and Caroline de Jager told about new concepts and insights in the real estate sector. Riccardo Marini, director of Gehl Architects in Copenhagen, showed us how urban designers should work and Daan Melis showed us how the city identity of Eindhoven is created.

Also smaller initiatievs were on stage, like Beatrice Puijk and Raymond Brouwers about their initiatieve ‘Urban Street Forest’. And Vincent Michel, about making money with trash. Andreas Kinneging, professor of Legal Philosophy, closed the day by initiating a radical though-experiment: what would happen in urban neighbourhoods if people would not use their car, television or the internet?!

Team Maastricht-LAB is proud for hosting this event. And we will continue to do so. However, this event already led to some great ideas and actions to act upon. So stay up to date about new activities.

Oh yes: the TEDx talks will be uploaded SOON!!

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