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Speakers interview TEDxMaastrichtSalon: Vincent Taapken

Vincent Taapken(1974) is an modern-­day entrepreneur and business innovator generating new ideas, projects and work methods in urban planning and real estate. He studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam (The Netherlands) majoring in Change Management. In 2009 Taapken founded his cross­disciplinary company New Industry Development in response to the traditional real estate and urban planning culture. With […]

Speakers interview TEDxMaastrichtSalon: Riccardo Marini

Riccardo Marini is director of Gehl Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark. Riccardo is an Architect and Chartered Town Planner with a deep knowledge of developing people-centred solutions. He is challenged by how the bureaucratic systems we have created, in the name of efficiency, destroy the kind of places that bring joy to our hearts. He is […]

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